1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair (October 5-8th) Somerset House, London: Pictorial Highlights (several artists) and video ‘My Rock stars’ (at bottom) by artist Hassan Hajjaj, featuring some of the artists in his ‘La Caravane’ exhibition.

Figures 1838 Atlas

By Malala Andrialavidrazana

This year’s contemporary African Art Fair in London started on October 5 and run till October 8th. The now famous 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair presented the works of more than 140 artists from 42 different African countries.

z$100-Trillion, 2017 (hand woven archival ink-jet print)

By Dan Halter (Z$100-Trillion, 2017 and US$1, 2017-both hand woven archival ink-jet print)


By Patrick Bongoy (‘Leech’ from twine and recycled rubber- 90 x 350cm)

Africa moving forward

Africa Moving Forward (by Ndary Lo). Welded steel (rebar) H52 X L52 X D32 cm

African man-paint

Tribal Mark Series III (by Babajide Olatunji): A charcoal and pasted on paper 149 x 210 cm


Video: ‘My Rockstars’ that features some of the performers in Hassan Hajjaj’s ‘La Caravane’ exhibition. Michael Garnette (in imposing sitting posture and wearing flamboyant colours) raps in the video while Lakwena and Abamaro sing.

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