Betty Nambooze Torture: Boris Johnson (Britain’s Secretary of State) receives complaint letter.

Boris Johnson the UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs has received a complaint letter of the torture of Ugandan MP Betty Nambooze.

Betty Nambooze MP Mukono County (courtesy photo)

British Member of Parliament Dr. Paul Williams (MP Stockton South) who gained recognition among Ugandans during the UK CHOGM (April 16th-20th 2018) for urging  CHOGM leaders to call for the resignation of President Museveni, wrote to Boris yesterday (June 29th 2018) ↓.


Identifying himself as a “friend of Uganda”, the doctor-turned-MP (pictured ↓, lived in Kalungu for 5 years, volunteering as a doctor and has since developed a fondness for Uganda.

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British MP Paul Williams (extreme right) was keynote speaker at a Westminster event discussing the future of Uganda. Dr. Kizza Besigye (left) and Professor Amii Omara Otunnu (Professor of History and Human Rights-University of Connecticut) were the other key speakers.

“Betty was one of a number of Ugandans MPs who were assaulted when Ugandan Special Forces raided the Ugandan Parliament on 27th September 2017 during a fractious time when the removal of Presidential age limits was being debated,” he stated.

“Betty was one of a number of MPs opposing the proposed bill. Bones in her back were broken during the raid and she underwent spinal surgery afterwards. She has subsequently been arrested(and in the last few days released on police bail) for social media posts,” he further stated.

“I would be grateful if you would ensure that the Government is making all appropriate diplomatic representations possible in order to secure the safety and well being of Betty Nambooze MP,” he ended.

In writing to Boris, the MP did not shy away from his criticism of President Museveni saying he witnessed first hand the political difficulties of the country.

At ‘The Future of Uganda’ event in Westminster, Paul repeated his criticism of Museveni’s long stay in power and the amendments to the constitution. He added his voice to that of other Ugandans in favour of better treatment of members of the opposition by government.

Betty Nambooze’s plight was brought to Dr, Paul’s attention by American Professor Helen Epstein (pictured ). The Bard College Professor has lived in Uganda too and recently published a book “Another Fine Mess: America, Uganda, and the War on Terror”.

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Professor Helen Epstein (far right) at the Future of Uganda event in Westminster. On her right is Mr. Paul Mutawe the FDC UK Deputy Minister Foreign and Regional Affairs. MP Gilbert Olanya (Kilak South) is at their front. Enter a caption

Ms Nambooze was due to return to Manipal Hospital in India for further medical review of the spinal back damage she suffered on September 2017.

Her back was broken during the Parliament melee when opposition Members of Parliament contesting the Constitutional Amendment bill were manhandled by security operatives. She had successful surgery in Manipal and returned to Uganda after a month.

Her health however recently deteriorated following her arrest and detainment in police custody at Nagalama Police Station on June 13th 2018. She was subsequently transferred to the Mulago Hospital branch in Kiruddu.

She has since been released on police bond and is expected to be travelling anytime, to India, for further treatment.