Deaths (unrelated) of three Ugandans in North London since June 2015 ; the latest, a murder.

Pictured: Elizabeth Nnyanzi (below), Sarah Amin (middle) and Jane Kiiza; 3 Ugandans of North London that have died this year.


Murdered; Elizabeth Nnyanzi (her twitter image) a British Ugandan recently murdered at her Harrow home in North London.


Sarah Amin (Idi Amin's former wife and last surviving widow) and a North London resident passed away on June11th 2015
Sarah Amin (Idi Amin’s former wife and last surviving widow) and a North London resident passed away on June 11th 2015
Jane Kiiza a British Ugandan of North London passed away on 23rd June 2015 (family picture)
Jane Kiiza a British Ugandan of North London passed away on 23rd June 2015 (family picture)

North London is not a jurisdiction (read post code) I go to in the U.K. Since June 2015, I have found myself in frequent travel to the affluent parts of North London, for sad yet humane reasons.

‘Death has taken me’ to these affluent parts of North London (North London being an area in London that has areas within it that have many middle class and affluent residents) where three Ugandans (none related to the other) have suddenly passed away.

I knew of their deaths in my journalist capacity (those close to them invited me to their respective vigils) and also because I am Ugandan. At all vigils, I turn up in two capacities; the Ugandan condoling with fellow Ugandans and the Ugandan journalist that will later spread the information among fellow Ugandans via various media.

Elizabeth Nnyanzi, 31 a British Ugandan and resident of North Harrow is the most recent death that took me to North London.

The aspiring barrister who had just completed her four months paralegal internship at prestigious London law firm Herbert Smith Freehills, was found murdered in their family home (Pictured below) on Northumberland Road.

Peter Kibisu, 23 (pictured below), a long term family friend to Elizabeth and to whom she referred to as cousin, and also residing with the Nnyanzi’s at their family home was charged with her murder by Harrow’s Homicide and Major Crime Command. Kibisu has appeared before Hendon’s Magistrates Court and awaits trial at the Old Bailey on February 1st 2016.

When I visited the Nnyanzi family home it was cordoned off and guarded by two Met Police officers who politely told me it was a crime scene to which I was not be permitted to enter. They however allowed me to take photographs and responded to the few inquiries I had.

I inquired of the whereabouts of the family members and was told such information could unfortunately not be divulged.

From my inquiries of friends that closely knew the Nnyanzi’s, I was told Elizabeth’s parents- Joseph and Coreen Nnyanzi-where in Uganda at the time the murder occurred.

Earlier in June 2015, I had gone to North London to attend the vigil of Sarah Amin (pictured below), wife of Idi Amin, the former President of Uganda (now deceased).

Ugandans turned up in huge numbers at Amin’s residence on Barrowell Greenhill Road, North London where vigils run for 11 days before her body was repatriated to Uganda.

Sarah passed on at Royal Free Hospital, in North West London on June 11th 2015 after a long battle with cancer.

Jane Kiiza,49, (pictured below) was the other Ugandan (well, British Ugandan) that passed on in North London and whose family I condoled with having been invited by her close friend.

Jane who lived on Abbey Road in North West London passed away on 23rd June 2015 after a Brazilian lift cosmetic surgery she had turned infectious a few days after.

Kiiza is rumoured to be the first British woman to have died of the popular £8000 curve enhancement Brazilian lift.

I did not personally know any of the departed three but saddening that death snatched the few affluent Ugandans (by ancestry) in the UK.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.