Faces of London’s stabbed young victims as seen at peace march against violent crime.

On August 21st 2017, East London’s Crib Youth Project organised a peaceful march (video at bottom of article) against violent crime, remembering 15 young Londoners who had been stabbed to death.

Tracy Prescott (picture below…foreground) of the Crib Youth Project in Hackney, East London and one of the organisers joined fellow bereaved families in the peaceful march in which there was strong condemnation in what they said was a rise in knife stabbings in contrast to the the Met Police’s report of decrease.


They were repeated calls for the police to do more to end the senseless deaths and stop labelling them as ‘black crime’ as well as link them to ‘teenage violence’.

The march started at Clapham Common Park and ended in Brixton at the gardens of St. Matthew’s Church.