Ugandan diaspora are known for ranting on social media about the plethora of problems back home that they read about online or stumble upon on different forum.

Dee Allimadi (in picture below), a London based Ugandan instead took a proactive approach; to ranting. (More pictures of the event at this pictorial link

Dee Allimadi, event organiser
Dee Allimadi, event organiser.

Instead of endlessly mourning about the plight of her people back in Gulu; the Northern part of Uganda ravaged by rebel insurgency for years; Allimadi organised a charity concert that Ugandans in London and their friends, positively responded to.

Over £1000 (over 4million Ugandan shillings) was raised by Ugandans and their friends at the Winter Ignition Charity Concert at Hammersmith Town Hall (in West London) on December 13th 2014.

The money will be a great boost to ‘The Future is Now Uganda’ orphanage in Lacor, Gulu struggling to give a home to 16 previously homeless orphans.

Considering that it was a first time fundraising event, over £1000 raised was a major boost to Allimadi’s targeted £3000 that will enable the orphanage acquire land on which it will run farm and poultry projects to become self-sustaining.

“My late parents were very giving people. My mother’s home was always filled with family and friends almost daily. My father whilst in government donated his entire salary to Sanyu Babies Home (one of the oldest orphanages in Uganda) under his then Personal Secretary’s name Kibuuka Musoke. I also started my first donation to orphanages through Sanyu Babies Home,” Allimadi said to me via my Facebook inbox.

Images of hungry and lonely children that she saw while on holiday in Gulu last year stirred Allimadi into fundraising for a place that was attempting to give them a home albeit with much financial struggling.

“Last year, I was in Gulu and I was heartbroken by the images of hungry and lonely children. Being a mother, those images do not vanish easily. I knew that I would leave Gulu at the end of my holiday and bring my daughter back to London where she has a warm bed, 3 meals and snacks in between school and friends. I vowed that I would do all I could to give back to my community. I aim to reach as many orphanages in Gulu, Uganda,” she explained.

Jean Paul Samputu a Rwandese musician now based in the UK but known in Uganda was the star of the charity, performing for free as his contribution to the cause. Usually he commands upwards of £800 in performance fees but charged no fees at the fundraising charity.

Other acts included Valentine Artist, Hyper Hype, Justified Singer Prince, Illamadi TopBoy, Nyino Mugisha and Sasha Davina.

There was a fashion show too by Tanzanian designer Hamida Mbanga of All Things African who dressed up some of the acts and also sold some her collection to the audience.

A dress that was auctioned fetched £200.

Next fundraising event will be held in London on April 4th 2015.

Mean time, Allimadi has arranged a similar concert fundraising event on January 3rd 2015 in Gulu at Bomah Hotel on Eden Road. Performing acts include Fidi Twisky a Kenyan Dance Hall artist who will perform for free and pay his own way from Kenya as his contribution to the cause.

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