Peter Herbert OBE (UK Senior Black Judge) speaking about racial bias against Black people, in Britain’s criminal justice system, as confirmed in Lammy Review Report.

Racial Bias against black people in Britain’s criminal justice system (courts, police and prisons) as revealed by a Senior Black Judge-Peter Herbert OBE.

Peter the Chair of the Society of Black Lawyers UK was one of the panellists at South Bank University discussing the findings in the Lammy Review after David Cameron-then as Prime Minister- commissioned the independent inquiry.


Chaired by David Lammy -MP Tottenham-the independent inquiry was commissioned by Cameron (and now supported by Theresa May) in January 2016 to consider the treatment of, and outcomes for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) individuals within the criminal justice system in England and Wales.

Completed in September 2017,  the Lammy review confirmed greater disproportionality in the number of Black people in Britain and Wales prisons. Black people it confirmed, make up 12% of Britain’s prison population even though they account for 3% of the population.

Peter, renown for campaigning against racism, being a political activist and handling some high profile cases-for example the Victoria Climbie inquiry-and lately the Grenfell Tower inquiry- started off his presentation by comparing the UK’s judicial racism against Black people, to that in America.

In both countries, he said black people are incarcerated the most. He made historical traces to the trend, attributing it to colonialism in Britain and slavery in the US.

Audio below of his full remarks

Photos below of the panellists and a section of the audience at the South Bank University on September 14th 2017.