Rejected: Ugandan UK father’s desire to bury son in Uganda denied. UK Coroner’s communication to Sam Mulinde, father to Tyrone.

A Ugandan UK father whose son was stabbed fatally in Somerset- a South West county- has been denied the chance to fulfil his son’s expressed desire to be buried in Uganda.

Mr. Mulinde with his son Tyrone (Courtesy photo)

Mr Tony Williams a Senior Coroner for Somerset instead ruled that the body of twenty year old Tyrone Mulinde that was to be repatriated to Uganda for burial on December 12th 2018, will instead, be released to the mother of Tyrone’s 3 months old baby. 

Tyrone with his baby son Malachi (Courtesy photo)

In email communication Coroner Tony ruled that Tyrone’s body be released to Ms Millington for burial in London and not Mr. Sam Mulinde who in fulfilment of his son’s expressed wish, was to repatriate him to Uganda.

“It was always Tyron’s wish to be buried in Uganda and although it came too soon, we wanted to fulfil his wishes. We have been planning his burial in Uganda and service in the UK for over a month now,” Sam stated in a message sent Ugandans that have condoled with him since Tyrone’s death.

From day of his son’s stabbing, Sam stated Tyrone was to be laid to rest in Uganda and decision known and agreed to by Ms Millington. Without his knowledge, Ms Millington raised a grievance with the Coroner last Thursday the day body was to be released and causing a reversal in the burial destination. 

Excerpts below from Coroner Tony’s email to Mr. Mulinde and Ms Millington

Dear Ms Millington and Mr Mulinde,

Can I firstly say how sorry I am that it has been necessary for me to adjudicate in the dispute that has arisen between you.
I would encourage you if at all possible to continue to communicate with each other in respect of the arrangements for Tyron’s funeral.

It must be in everyone’s interest for you to maintain a dialogue.

That said I was obliged to come to a conclusion and from my ruling attached you will see that I have determined that Ms Millington should have the right, in her capacity as the mother of Tyron’s underage son, Malachi,to possession of Tyron’s body for the purposes of arranging his funeral and burial.

I will retain possession of Tyron’s body until 12.00 on Thursday 13th December 2018, at which time I will release Tyron’s body to Ms Millington’s funeral directors. If Mr Mulinde accepts my ruling then I would invite Mr Mulinde to e mail me to confirm that he agrees to my immediately releasing Tyron’s body to Ms Millington’s funeral directors.

Mr. Mulinde explained that the UK law concerning the absence of a will (The Intestacy Laws) were used to grant Ms Millington’s request as under them parents of a minor child have a duty to arrange a funeral.

Coroner Tony however stated Sam can obtain an injunction stopping the release of Tyron’s body to Ms Millington.

“The reason for my retaining Tyron’s body for a further short period is to enable Mr. Mulinde, if he feels it appropriate, to take legal advice as to obtaining an injunction stopping me from releasing Tyron’s body to Ms Millington and presenting his case to the High Court for a Judge’s ruling in respect of this matter. Clearly if Mr Mulinde decides to proceed in that way I must then await the decision of the High Court,”.

A distressed Mr. Mulinde said he would consider taking out an injunction.

Mr. Sam Mulinde (Courtesy photo)

“We made an attempt to counter the Coroner’s decision but he decided that although Tyron expressed repeatedly that he wished to be buried in Uganda, he could not determine whether he had the same wishes at the time of death,” stated Mr. Mulinde.

In Audio below (in Luganda the Ugandan birth language of Mr Mulinde), he said that the burial arrangements already in place in Uganda for December 12th 2018 will proceed and would enable him, the family and friends to lay Tyrone to rest.