Uganda Government and UK-Uganda Community leaders condemn fatal knife stabbings of Ugandans: “Enough is Enough”.

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Derick Mulondo’s order of mass (family picture).

At 11:30a.m on Friday 28th July 2017, a large gathering of Ugandans in the UK and their friends, were gathered at the third funeral-this year-of a UK-Ugandan who was fatally stabbed in a part of London-(Kingston in south west London to be specific).

Uganda’s Acting High Commissioner in the UK Juliet Namiiro Mugerwa (and Head of Consular Services) condemned the stabbings, describing them as barbaric acts and of grave concern to the Ugandan Government (see video link below and click to listen to her remarks).

Derick Roy Mulondo, 38 was stabbed fatally at 6:00p.m at the Cambridge Estate in Kingston (where he once lived with his mother) and pronounced dead at the scene.


His mother, 69-year-old Sophie Kafeero (in picture below) a resident of Kingston and who lived with Derick, was robbed of her only child, having lost her other child-Susan Kakooza (elder sister to Derick) in 1993. Derick also left behind a 16 year old son.


Sophie Kafeero, (Derick’s mum) in the foreground

The Kabaka’s/King’s UK Representative Ronald Lutaaya (inset and in picture below) also reiterated the Uganda Government’s concerns as well as that of the Ugandan leaders in the UK over the stabbings which he said he felt should be sternly by the UK authorities instead of treating them as ‘black on black crimes’.

Video link at bottom of article with both leaders separately condemning knife crime in their remarks at Kingstonian FC ground at Kingsmeadow Stadium, where Derick used to play football and where the family hosted a community reception after the burial.


Mr. Ronald Lutaaya (at different event) the Kabaka/King’s UK representative, spoke at the family reception, organised after funeral.



Mr.Lutaaya making his remarks at the community reception

 Speech by Uganda’s Acting High Commissioner and the Kabaka’s UK Representative regarding Derick’s murder.