Burial dispute: Ugandan father denied by UK Coroner, chance to bury son in Uganda.

A Senior Coroner for Somerset Town in South West England has denied a Ugandan UK father the burial rights- to Uganda-of his son that was stabbed fatally in the UK. 

Sam Mulinde (left) with his son Tyrone Mulinde who was stabbed fatally on October 20th 2018 (Courtesy photo).

Tony Williams, Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner in Somerset, South West England, instead ruled that Tyrone Mulinde, 20, be buried in the UK as desired by the mother to Tyrone’s 3 months-old-baby-son. 

Mr. Sam Mulinde father to Tyrone stated that burial arrangements to Uganda for his son were reversed by the Coroner following a grievance raised by Tyrone’s girlfriend on day (last Thursday) body was to be released to him.

A screenshot of Sam Mulinde’s update on the Gofundme fundraiser page he created to raise £15,000 in repatriation and funeral costs for his son

 Tyrone, 20, was stabbed on October 20th 2018 in Bridgwater, a town in Somerset. Paramedics attempts to save his life were in vain and he unfortunately died from his own injuries.

Tyrone Mulinde (courtesy photo)

Tyrone’s initial funeral service was slated for November 10th 2018 at St.Luke’s Church in West Kilburn, North West London but postponed because of further postmortem investigations.

Tyrone with his baby son (Courtesy photo)

Tyrone’s love for Uganda has been relaid by his dad since his son’s death. Sam stated Tyrone had part of his upbringing in Uganda where he lived for a number of years before returning to the UK. In his expressed wishes for when he passed on, his father said the youngster wanted to be buried in Uganda.

Tyrone (first left) with Ugandan friends supporting Uganda in the UK (courtesy photo). 
Tyrone dancing to Ugandan music at his paternal auntie’s London home (Courtesy video)

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